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Q1 : How can i participate in FurEast?

To participate in FurEast, you can purchase an entry ticket on our website. Make sure to check our registration page for more details on rates and available options.

Q2 : What are the benefits of early registration?

Early registration offers several advantages, including reduced rates, access to exclusive events, and guaranteed spots for some popular activities. We highly recommend registering early to take advantage of these benefits.

Q3 : Can i participate in FurEast if i'm not a furry?

Absolutely! FurEast welcomes all fans of furry culture, whether you're an artist, a cosplay enthusiast, or just curious. Everyone is welcome.

Q4 : Is there a minimum age to participate in FurEast?

FurEast is a convention reserved for adults.

Q5 : Where does FurEast take place?

FurEast takes place at the Citadines Eurometropole Hotel in Strasbourg, a 4-star establishment located in Oberhausbergen, France.

Q6 : How can i book a room at the Citadines Eurometropole Hotel?

You can book a room at the Citadines Eurometropole Hotel using our special discount code once you've purchased your ticket. Check our accommodation page for more details on booking.

Q7 : Is there a shuttle service to the convention venue?

City buses operate to facilitate travel to the convention venue.

Q8 : Can i bring my own food to the hotel?

The hotel has its own restaurant and lounge bar, but you can also bring your own food if you wish. Please respect the hotel's policies regarding food and beverages.