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| Rules

I. Respect

Self-Respect and Respect for Others: Every participant is required to respect others, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, nationality, physical appearance, or physical ability.

Respect for Fursuits: Respecting Fursuits and others' characters is essential. Do not touch, damage, or handle other people's Fursuits or accessories without their explicit consent.

Respect for the Venue: We are fortunate to be hosted in a 4-star hotel. Please respect the facilities, staff, and other hotel guests. This includes maintaining an appropriate noise level, not damaging property, and respecting areas not designated for the convention.

II. Security

Personal Security: Each participant is responsible for their own safety and belongings. FurEast organization is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Alcohol: Alcohol consumption is allowed, but participants are responsible for their own behavior. Anyone behaving irresponsibly or dangerously due to alcohol abuse may be penalized.

Drugs: The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited during the convention. Any participant found in possession or using such substances will be penalized.

III. Behavior

Appropriate Behavior: Any behavior that threatens the well-being of another participant or disrupts the convention will be taken seriously. This includes harassment, bullying, physical or verbal violence. Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited.

Hotel Rules: Participants must adhere to all rules of the hotel hosting FurEast.

Photography/Video: Before taking a photo or video of another participant, please ask for permission.

IV. Enforcement

Non-Compliance with Rules: In case of non-compliance with these rules, a warning system will be implemented based on the severity of the situation. Serious offenses may result in immediate expulsion from the convention without a refund.

Reporting an Issue: If you witness or are a victim of inappropriate behavior, please report it to a member of the FurEast team immediately.

V. Psychological Support

Counseling Services: A psychological counseling service will be available during the convention to provide support to participants in need. Feel free to reach out if you feel uncomfortable, stressed, or need someone to talk to.